Changing The Face of Spa Consultancy
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Changing The Face of Spa Consultancy

How I’m Changing The Face of Spa Consultancy:

Did you know that the global spa market size is expected to reach $117.9 billion (£87 billion) by 2028?  With projected numbers like this there’s no surprise that the need for people to maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle are the drivers of this growth and that now is the perfect time for spas to review their strengths, weaknesses and identify where their growth can come from.

Queue KH Spa Consultancy!

Despite the positive financial projections above, I know firsthand how greatly the last eighteen months have hurt the spa industry and so I want to ensure that my spa consultancy services are as widely available as possible and that is why I am changing up the way I do things.

Once a luxury for the internationally owned and operated spas, I now want to make sure that a spa consultant is an affordable and trusted resource to anyone that may need an additional point of view in their business.

Use My Passion To Help Your Business

It’s my job (and passion in life!) to give you a 360 degree birds eye view of your business and work with you as we use the 5 distinct areas of my Spa Eco-System to analyse and identify where opportunity lies. Traditionally, this would have been a long term project, with a series of days spent in the business and meetings with management and staff, but not any more.

From now on, I have decided to offer my Spa Eco-System evaluation as an on-demand service!

For example, as a spa owner or manager, you might know that your spa really only needs to improve on the Customer Journey element of the business and so that is where you can enlist my services for a day and I will review the customer experience as it stands:

  • Journey
  • Visual
  • Temperature
  • Music
  • Scent
  • Service
  • Feedback

I will also work with you to build an ideal customer profile; who is your perfect client, what are their lifestyle choices and where can you find them? We’ll also discover your target audience hangouts and how you can better connect with them and build on their loyalty.

Delve Deep

Following on from my day in trade with you, I will then go away and produce a report for you that really delves deep into this element of your business and provide you with easy to follow steps that can be implemented and measured.

The idea here is that you can pick and choose when you need my help and where you need my help.

My Spa Eco System

The 5 elements of my Spa Eco System are; Environment, Customer, Marketing, Your People and Revenue and each of these provide a quality framework to ensure your business is performing to the best of its ability.

Let’s spend quality time on the areas that you deem important so that when it’s time to make quarterly projections, review your annual marketing plan and outline budgets and bonuses you are making informed decisions based on how you know your business can perform and will improve!

For more information on my unique Spa Eco-System, my day rate and availability please get in touch  –

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