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Let’s Look Back At 2021

Do you embrace feedback in your spa? Like really embrace it?

I ask this because I believe that a genuine interest in feedback from your staff and clients can provide priceless insight into your business and help you build a fair picture of how it is perceived. 

As we begin to bid farewell to 2021, I think it’s the perfect time to reflect and I’ve collated my top three areas of feedback to take into consideration so that you can start to plan for 2022.

1) A True Operator

Put the question to your therapists, ask them how effective the spa is when it’s running at capacity. Get feedback on the amount of stock you carry, how often towels are rotated, are timings of the treatments realistic and able to be adhered to. Also ask them to consider each treatment room and its functionality, do some rooms require more storage than others? Remember, if your therapists are supposed to be helping people feel relaxed then having them running around like headless chickens won’t be doing anyone any favours. 

2) How Happy Are Your Staff?

We all know how it feels to be greeted by someone in hospitality that isn’t really  happy in their role (regardless of whether that’s just in that moment, that day or over a longer period of time) and not only can it be detrimental to your visit but it can have a lasting affect on how you view that establishment. 

So, here is where you can ask your staff how they really feel and you can identify who is there to actually look after the therapists on a day to day basis. Identify the times when therapists are given the chance to talk to management and discuss more ways in which staff morale can be consistently high. 

3) Are Your Clients Being Educated or Sold To? 

No one enjoys a pushy salesperson. Fact. So, it’s time to check in with your clients and really understand what goes on when it comes to the relationship between therapist and customer. Dive deep into what your clients are being told and what we want to know is how knowledgeable your therapists actually are, do they have time to really discuss options with clients or are they ushering them out of the room to move onto the next customer? Are your clients feeling valued and listened to with their skin concerns? 

I hope that provides some food for thought as you start to think about a new year and the opportunities that 2022 can bring to your business.

If you think that a 360 degree birds eye view of your business could be just what you need to kick start the new year and provide you with a fresh set of eyes  then this is where my Spa Eco-System comes into play! Now available as an on demand service, the five elements of my system are Environment, Customer, Marketing, Your People and Revenue and you can pick and choose what we spend time on and where we focus our attention – let’s spend quality time on the areas that are important to you and your business.

Trust me, the year ahead will thank you for it.

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