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Katie Howell Spa Consultant

I’m Katie Howell, an innovative and highly experienced spa consultant with over 15 years’ global experience working for some of the world’s biggest hotel and cruise ship brands such as Disney, Holland America and Steiner.

I have learnt from the very best and this fuels my passion for helping spa owners create the perfect space and get the very best results from their people and redefined infrastructure.

Having personally experienced each aspect of job functionality within the spa industry – from spa therapist and treatment/sales trainer through to reception and general management as well as enjoying being a pampered guest – I have real life personal experience of what a successful spa needs. This has led to the creation of my own unique and proven model that gives a transparent view of what makes a spa thrive.

Did you know that the two biggest problem areas for spa owners and managers are therapist and client retention which can cost spas thousands of pounds in lost revenue?

KH Spa Consultancy works closely with management teams to nurture the relationships between managers and therapists creating a positive working environment, enhancing employee value and productivity, and reducing staff attrition rates. Having worked in both therapist and management roles, I understand perfectly how to bridge this gap. Managing client retention issues, all comes down to therapists and how cared for and appreciated they feel; look after your therapists correctly and they will look after your guests – leading to successful outcomes for everyone.

My comprehensive spa eco system incorporates spa vision, feasibility studies, design, build, revenue analysis, marketing, customer experience, spa staff, equipment and products; it is a totally holistic and ground-breaking approach to spa success. This results-driven and growth-oriented method has helped my clients turn their struggling spas into profitable businesses once more, and now I’d like to help you.

Recognised in the industry for my imagination and creative flair when redeveloping spa businesses, I love to help my clients achieve their lightbulb moment and turn spa performance up to the max. I am a true people person, observant of others, who is always searching for and finding win-win situations for everyone. I have a little spark of genius that gives me the freedom to be innovative and often solve the unsolvable. Each client has a unique pain point within their spa business and I am here to listen, adapt and find ways forward for you that achieves growth, sustainability, and offers the greatest customer experience imaginable.

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