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Spa Environment

Ah the beauty industry, a sector where looks are super important and I’m not just referring to people!

When I developed my Spa Eco-System I really took into account the fundamentals of a spa business, specifically looking at where spa operators should focus their energy and resources and I’ve concluded that one of the most vital areas is the spas environment.

The environment of a spa is all encompassing and it affects the staff and the clients in equal measure. For your staff, the environment needs to flow and allow them to work in a space that they are happy in and lets them operate at an optimal level. For your clients, the environment is partly what brings them to you in the first place and it starts from the moment they arrive.

The aim here is for staff and clientele to instantly walk in and feel at ease. Clients want to be greeted in an authentically friendly way and that will come from having staff that are genuinely happy in their work space.

Spa Consultancy

As a spa consultant, I know a quintessential environment would encompass the following:

  • A supreme level of cleanliness in all areas of the spa
  • All staff to be presented immaculately
  • Product displays to be up to date
  • Tester bottles to be consistently replenished and clean
  • Dirty laundry/ towels to be completely out of sight (ask me how to design a perfect spa so that piles of dirty towels are a thing of the past!)
  • Promotions are up to date and relevant
  • Hourly checks on the different spaces to ensure consistency

Exceed Expectations

Spas are a luxury (a necessary one!) and the people that spend their time in them, both clients and employees deserve to be in a space that exceeds expectations. If we want our therapists to deliver an outstanding, relaxing and rejuvenating service then they need to be in a workplace that helps them maintain that headspace. If we want our clientele to spend their hard earned disposable income with us then it’s important that the environment we welcome them to reflects this and works to be a place they want to keep coming back to.

Why not review the points above, jump on a complimentary consultation call with me and lets build  plan together for 2022 so that it’s your best year yet!

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