My on demand service is designed to make Spa Consultancy a premium, cost effective and trusted resource available to anyone that may need an additional point of view in their business.

You have the choice of deciding which key aspects of my unique spa eco-system below that you would like to focus on and I will spend a day in your business with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. I then produce a report for you that really delves deep into this element of your business and provide you with easy to follow steps that can be implemented and measured. 

The idea here is that you can pick and choose when and where you need my help and all at an affordable day rate

Spa Eco System analysis

Get a 360° bird’s eye view of your business and begin to understand your strengths, weaknesses and potential.


Build an ideal customer profile; who is your perfect client, what are their lifestyle choices and where can you find them? Discover your target audience hangouts.


Reposition your spa brand; look at your brand perception and what value you are offering your clients.


Get instant clarity on what works and what drains your business finances; find solutions to boost revenue.

Your people

Value your people; analyse a daily journey and refine operations by making small changes that have a big impact on mental and physical wellbeing.


Evaluate the safety of your equipment; what measures are in place to ensure all equipment is sterile and does your team have the right training and knowledge to keep themselves and guests safe?

Flowchart of Spa Consultancy Services

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