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Why NOW is the best time to improve the operation of your Spa

With spa doors firmly closed for the foreseeable future, what can spa owners and managers be doing to future-proof their spa success post lockdown?

I’m Katie Howell, Creative Director of KH Spa Consultancy Ltd and I am deeply passionate about the global spa and wellness industry. In my role as an expert spa consultant, I have 15+ years’ experience of working with some of the world’s leading brands, including much-loved Disney.

Having worked my way through the whole life cycle of spa roles – from spa therapist and treatment/sales trainer to reception, general management and pampered guest – I have created and implemented my own unique and proven model that gives a transparent view of what makes a spa thrive.

So, why is NOW a great time to work with me?

  • Use your business downtime effectively
  • Utilise my expertise and experience to get ahead of the competition
  • Work with me through my uniquely-developed and proven spa eco system model
  • Improve Revenue streams – Marketing success – Customer experience – People relationships & management – Equipment & accessories
  • Create a positive environment and happy spa team
  • Boost profits and ROI and business longevity

During lockdown, we can utilise this time productively to carry out:

  • Onsite visit to your spa (observing all social distancing guidelines)
  • Look at the spa services from the therapist and client perspective
  • Analyse feedback and create a plan to remove any obstacles or negativity
  • Revise hygiene measures to protect all staff and clients going forward
  • Space plan to ensure social distancing through removal of non-essential equipment

I am committed to working closely, yet safely and remotely, or with appropriate social distancing measures, with spa senior managers on relationship management, positive working environments, employee value and productivity, reduction in staff attrition and improved client retention, all leading to future spa profitability and a greater return on investment.  

My remote spa consultancy services are designed to suit the way you work and together we will create a business model and way of future working and spa success to be proud of.

If you’d like to book a FREE 30-minute discovery call, to see how KH Spa Consultancy can help your spa and wellness business, call + 44 (0)7510 633022 or email.

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If you’d like to book a FREE 30-minute discovery call, to see how KH Spa Consultancy can help your business, contact Katie now.