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Why The Goal is Healthy Skin, Not Perfect Skin!

Having had the privilege of working in many top spas over the years. I’ve always held customer service at the heart of what I do and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to truly help clients with their skin problems as opposed to just offering the latest product or service that promises to give someone a flawless complexion. My focus is on educating my clients as opposed to just selling to them, thinking that this would a) promote a more authentic relationship and in turn, repeat business and b) I genuinely wanted clients to understand their skin and its needs better so that they weren’t wasting valuable time and money on things that weren’t going to offer results.

Talk Skin with Kate

It was this ethos that led to the creation of Talk Skin with Kate where my goal is to help those within the beauty industry understand more about skin and then be able to better help their clients with their needs or concerns. In short, to stop just selling to people and start educating them!

I’m not here to talk about products, I discuss ingredients and their impact on the skin and I talk about common skin concerns or conditions that people can find frustrating or debilitating. Fast forward 8 months and I have launched a Membership Programme, my Back to Basics 6 week course for professionals and completed several live masterclasses.

In a day when women are becoming more honest with how their skin and appearance really is as opposed to covering it up, it has been refreshing to see that there is space within the beauty industry for more realistic expectations and for someone to discuss the skin in all its imperfect glory! As we well know ‘real skin has texture, pores and even the occasional blemish. The goal is healthy skin, not perfect skin!

Skin Masterclasses with Kate

My next LIVE Masterclass is on Wednesday 18th August and I would love for you to join me. This is an in-depth 1.5hr masterclass where we are going to explore what acne really is and debunk some of those myths you’ve been told all these years!

My masterclasses are fun, informal and incredibly informative and you can check out everything we are going to cover here

In the interim, I would love the chance to hear from you and for you to tell me where you think the spa industry can help clients better understand their skin, just ping me a message!

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