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Spa therapist training in Essex
Beauty therapist training in Herts

Where experience takes the lead

We understand the challenges faced by skin therapists trying to find their footing among a million other facial businesses. That’s why Talk Skin Academy offers a game-changing education that will set you apart from the rest.

Experience facial transformations like never before, armed with an extraordinary skill set that creates 5-star experiences.

Stand out as a Confident and Successful Facialist

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Beauty therapist training academy in Herts

Mastering the Art of Little Details

We don’t just stop at crafting brilliant facialists – we mold the ultimate facial business owners.

Learn the art of sales, setup your dream business, and discover the key to success in this competitive field.

Training Location

Beauty therapist training academy in Essex
A luxury academy, creating unforgettable experiences for aspiring therapists
Spa therapist training academy in Suffolk
Elevate your skills, learn to craft extraordinary facial experiences here at the academy.

Collaborative to Our Core

Join Talk Skin Academy and unlock your true potential.

Embrace an exciting journey of growth, where you’ll find the knowledge, skills, and support you need to thrive. Whether you’re new or experienced, Talk Skin Academy is your pathway to luxury facial excellence.

Elevate your career and be a standout in the industry.

Facial therapist training in Essex

Hear What Our Students Say!

“Wow, this facial course was absolutely amazing. I’ve already done a City in Guilds Facial course and didn’t feel confident at all after. After this course I am raring to go!!!”

Amanda Gronmark

The luxury foundation facial course

“If you get chance to do this course, I would 1000% recommend it! The experience, the friendships, the knowledge and the techniques you learn will give you the confidence to move you and your business to the next level.”

Sharon Dickinson

The luxury foundation facial course

“I wholeheartedly 100% recommend this course! Whether you are new to the skin care world, an ambassador, or an already trained therapist. This course is applicable to all and in my opinion should be compulsory!”

Maresa Heron

The luxury foundation facial course

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