Transform Your Business with Our Luxury Bespoke Facial Course

Take your facial business to new heights!

Our course empowers experienced therapists to stand out with exceptional skills in skincare, facials, and client experiences. Elevate your expertise and leave a lasting impression.
Luxury bespoke facial course in Essex
Luxury bespoke facial course in Essex

What Will It Do For You?

Craft Facial Experiences:

Learn the art of creating unforgettable facial experiences that leave clients glowing with satisfaction.

Confidence and Expertise:

Develop the confidence and expertise needed to excel in your business, backed by comprehensive training and practical knowledge.

Upgrade Business Earning Potential:

Discover growth opportunities and boost your income by expanding your expertise in offering exceptional facial journeys.

Join a Community:

Become part of a supportive community of skincare professionals and enthusiasts, where you can learn, grow, and network.

This course is designed to bridge the gaps in your knowledge and empower you to build the business you've always envisioned.

Who’s it for

Skincare courses in Essex
Skincare facials courses in Essex
Facials and skincare courses for new therapists

Experience the difference firsthand!

Let Us Walk You Through the Journey

Once you sign up, you’ll gain access to our exclusive online student platform. This comprehensive resource has everything you need to make your experience with us smooth and worry-free.

Your Path to Skincare Mastery

Part 1

Online Modules (8 Hours)

  • Immediate access to materials, workbooks, and short videos.
  • Start learning at your own pace.
  • Access end-of-module quizzes for self-assessment.


Module 1: Skin Consultation

Module 2: Contractions and Contraindications

Module 3: Skin Anatomy

Module 4: Health and Safety

Module 5: Product Knowledge

Part 1

Part 2

Practical Training at Talk Skin Academy 1 Day

  • Master Technical Aspects of Facials
  • Gain Valuable Insights into Exceptional Guest Experiences
  • Benefit from Kate’s Expert Guidance
  • Develop Skills and Confidence for Success in Facial Therapy and Skincare


Craft the Ultimate Guest Experience

Treatment Room Setup

Full Facial Tutorial

Hands-On Practice

Art of Recommending Skincare

Part 2

Part 3

Personal Coaching and Mastery (2 Hours)

  • Culmination of Your Journey to Skincare Mastery
  • Fine-Tune Your Skills through Assessments and Feedback
  • Transform into a Highly Proficient Therapist
  • Ready to Make a Mark in the Skincare World

Coaching Videos

Personalised Attention

Real-Time Feedback

Part 3

Dedicated to Your Success: Partnering with Your Facial Business


Skincare education course in Essex

“I wholeheartedly 100% recommend this course! Whether you are new to the skin care world, an ambassador, or an already trained therapist. This course is applicable to all and in my opinion should be compulsory!”

Maresa Heron

Skincare small group courses
“Don’t be fooled by the word ‘basic’ in the title as there is nothing basic about this course, my impression of this is that Kate is stripping it right back to ensure we understand the foundations, master these & then grow from there.”

Rachel Morris

Skincare education in Essex
“Wow, this facial course was absolutely amazing. I’ve already done a City in Guilds Facial course and didn’t feel confident at all after. After this course I am raring to go!!!”

Amanda Gronmark

The luxury foundation facial course

Skincare groups courses in Essex

“The online training is rich with valuable content. The Academy provides an excellent, top-class setup. Working in a small group allowed for meaningful connections, learning from each other’s experiences. I gained a deeper understanding of facials and the confidence to offer a bespoke experience. I cherished every minute of it. x”

Angela Payne

The luxury foundation facial course


Intimate Group Setting

With a maximum of only 4 people per training course, you’ll enjoy anintimate experience that fosters camaraderie among the group.

You’ll get to know your fellow therapists even before the course begins, thanks to our exclusive Facebook group set up a week prior to the training. It’s the perfect place to ask questions or share any concerns.

Skincare training courses in Braintree


Your Journey to Becoming a Master Facialist

What makes the Talk Skin Academy stand out from other facial accreditation courses?

The Talk Skin Academy offers a comprehensive and transformative facial course like no other. With 18 hours of jam-packed facial and business info, personalised attention from our founder, Kate, and an intimate group setting, you’ll receive an unforgettable learning experience.

Is there a prerequisite for this course?

Yes, there is a prerequisite for enrolment. Participants should have a minimum of six months of practical experience in offering facials, along with the successful completion of an accredited skincare or facial therapy program. This ensures that you have a foundational understanding of the field and are ready to maximise the benefits of this advanced course.

Does this course come with a certificate?

Yes, this course is an accredited program. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate. For those who aren’t already qualified therapists, passing the course will enable you to obtain insurance and start offering this luxury facial service, paving the way to build a successful facial business.

What can I expect during the course?

Upon signing up, you’ll gain access to our online student platform, which contains all the information you need, from links to accommodations and equipment details. The course itself is divided into 5 modules, covering consultations, contra-actions, skin anatomy, health and safety practices, and product knowledge. You’ll enjoy interactive PDF manuals, short but detailed videos, and quizzes after each module to reinforce your learning.

What happens on the day at the academy?

The day at the academy is where the fun truly begins. With a maximum of 4 people per course, you’ll experience an intimate and personalised setting. The day starts at 8:30 am, with tea, coffee, and croissants provided. Throughout the day, you’ll receive expert guidance from Kate, who has an impressive 19-year span in the luxury spa and wellness industry. The afternoon session includes practical facials, and lunch is a delightful spread, catering to dietary requirements.

How is my progress supported?

Kate will be with you throughout the day, providing 100% attention and valuable feedback. After the morning session, we’ll go through the closing sales process and recap everything you’ve learned. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and empowered on your master facialist journey.

How do I book my spot and check availability?

Booking your spot is easy! Simply look at the next available dates at the bottom of the page and hit the sign me up button.

Is the end price the overall price?

Yes, the cost of the course includes everything you need for a seamless experience, including breakfast, lunch, an end-of-day congratulatory drink, and your well-deserved accreditation certificate once you’ve passed the course. There are no hidden fees—just a complete package for your master facialist journey!

Are there payment plans available for this course?

Yes, we offer payment plans for your convenience. You can find detailed information about these plans at the bottom of the course page. We aim to make this valuable opportunity accessible to as many individuals as possible.

The Academy Location

Nestled in the picturesque Essex countryside, our academy offers a unique and enchanting learning experience like no other. Housed within a charming barn conversion on a tranquil farm, our setting is a testament to the beauty of nature and the pursuit of knowledge.

At Talk Skin Academy, we believe that the environment in which you learn plays a vital role in your education. Our countryside haven offers inspiration, tranquility, and the perfect setting for you to embark on your journey to becoming a skincare expert.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I’m Kate

With over two decades of experience as a celebrity facialist and spa manager at renowned locations like Soho Farmhouse, I’ve honed my craft to perfection.

I’m also the founder of Talk Skin Academy, where I’m excited to share my wealth of expertise and secrets to help you create unforgettable experiences and transform your facial business into a thriving success story.

Kate Talk skin academy instructor
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