Introducing The World’s First Luxury Spa Ecosystem

KH Spa Consultancy

17 years of International Luxury Spa experience has culminated in the creation of this unique Spa Ecosystem and the opportunity to share a creative vision, passion for spa design and my unique ability to create the perfect spa from the ground up.

No place in the world offers an escape from reality like a luxury spa and I truly appreciate the myriad of detail required to ensure that your clientele and staff are consistently content in your environment. 

A first in the spa industry, this ecosystem is founded on 6 core principles that I believe are fundamental to a world class wellness centre and include

  • Expert design & build project management
  • Implementation of new & innovative success strategies
  • Ultimate relationship management training
  • Essential therapist & client retention outcomes
  • Delivering extraordinary customer experiences
  • Creating a problem-free spa business through unrivalled, proven, hands-on experience.

You can explore my eco system here or if you have a specific project in mind then, let’s chat!


My uniquely developed spa eco system model considers each and every aspect of your brand and business to achieve improved outcomes through delivering new and innovative experiences, meeting clients’ needs, maximising growth and ensuring the long-term performance and profitability of your business.


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