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Postpartum Treatments

Let’s start to curate treatments for people not problems!

How do we really make spa clients feel special? Is it something that happens as soon as they look over our spa menu or when they make an appointment or does it happen when they arrive on site and we get to meet them face to face?

Perhaps the best way to make them feel special is to actually curate treatments with our clients lifestyle in mind?

I have recently given birth and I can tell you that in my 17 years of working in the spa industry, never has my body cried out more for some pampering. In actual fact, it wasn’t even until this point that I realised that postpartum women and new parents everywhere are desperate for wellness treatments that have been created specifically for them.

After doing some research I have concluded that for too long treatments have been developed with only the benefit of that treatment in mind e.g. for acne or anti-ageing but has any consideration been given to what is actually going on in peoples lives who need these treatments?

Postpartum opportunity

As a new mum, there is no ‘postpartum menu’ for me to choose from like there was with pregnancy treatments but there is no way my body is ready for a traditional Swedish massage nor does my skin require a full facial just as my hormones are balancing out. Over the last four weeks, my body and my mind have been through an ordeal and my partner is just as sleep deprived and as anxious as I am. Should the opportunity exist, we would gladly pay good money for our well-being to be put first and treatments available that took our lives as new parents into account and appreciated that that we need some tranquil time together.

With consumers spending more on wellness than ever before it is imperative that those of us in the industry start to consider our ideal demographic as a whole person. We must look at their day, month and year and where what we offer fits into that. Not only does it make sense for business and building a loyal customer base but it is our responsibility, as an industry that is based on self care, that we ensure that people really are cared for and surely that starts with looking at what is going on with their lives and why they are coming to us in the first instance.

Unique Spa Model

This is precisely why I have developed my unique spa eco system model. I want to truly modernise spas in every way and ensure that each and every space I consult on has the power to actually contribute in a long term way to the clients lifestyle. How fabulous would it be to develop a business to the point where we were so in tune with the wellbeing of our clients and their lives that we could offer them a series of treatments that were part of a plan to really complement what was going in their world? It would be incredibly powerful.

Stay ahead of the competition

If this has got you thinking on how your business can really evolve to further benefit your clientele then you’ll love to hear that this blog is going to be the first in a series about how spas can be fundamental in contributing to the £1.5trillion Wellness Industry over the next decade. If you want to ensure that your business is in it for the long haul and will stand out against the competition that is going to creep in over the coming years then this is a blog you should follow.


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