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Focussing On Staff Retention From The Outset

After researching therapist retention within the spa industry and discovering that there isn’t much for businesses to go on I decided that there should be more information available and have made it one of my focus areas as a Spa Consultant. For me, managing therapist retention for my clients and nurturing that all important relationship between Spa Managers and therapists begins at the interview stage.

A balance of power

In my opinion, an interview is for both parties to ensure that this is a working relationship that is actually going to work. However, so often it can seem that the company has all the interview power and this is something I am working hard to change.

My approach to this process is about empowering both the interviewer and the interviewee with the opportunity to ask questions and for both of them to feel heard and valued throughout the interview.

For Spa Managers / Directors, of course you are going to come armed with your set of questions but why don’t you expect this from your potential staff?

When I managed my spas, I would ask my interviewees to research questions that I had sent in advance. This helped me gauge how seriously they were taking this process and how much value they placed on the opportunity of the role. I also asked them to send over questions to me prior to meeting as well as I wanted them to know that I valued the time they were investing in this interview. Crucially, it also felt like we were on more of a level playing field as I had been able to get to know a bit more about them beforehand and at the end of the day, it is all about them because if I chose to offer them the role, they were there to positively influence the business.

Therapists, do you know how important it is to make sure that the spa you are applying to work in, also works for you?

It is so important to work in a spa that caters to your abilities and matches your approach to client care. For example, the last thing you want is to work in a spa that expects a quick turn around and you’re used to having an additional 15 minute leeway as this could then lead to burnout and either you or the spa being unhappy.

Below you will find the sort of questions that I believe should be asked and answered during the interview process.

  • What is the spas expectation based on the ethos of their employees?
  • Does this spa provide an additional turnover time for treatments e.g. A treatment is 1hr and then there is a turnover time of 15 mins = 1hr 15mins per client.
  • Do therapists have their own room for the day or is it shared?
  • How far in advance are rota’s issued?
  • How much massage is expected of therapists?
  • Staff break policy?

So, whether you’re hiring or looking for a new role it’s important to consider all of the above to avoid the biggest issue that most spas seem to face; spa retention.

If the recruitment process or staff retention is something you want to improve on in your spa then lets chat, I’m here to help you and I want your business to succeed just as much as you do!

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